Upsampling - latest news (June 2, 2023)

Nvidia GeForce RTX 4060 Ti (8GB) review: Disappointing for $400

The GeForce RTX 4060 Ti 8GB brings Nvidia's awesome DLSS 3 mainstream, but offers disappointing value as an upgrade to the ... |
AMD Radeon RX 7600 review: Finally, a good, affordable graphics card

After years of terrible GPU prices, the $269 Radeon RX 7600 is a breath of fresh air. It offers excellent 1080p gaming in a ... |
Quick! Sony's LinkBuds S earbuds are down to just $130, now $70 off

Sony announced its $200 LinkBuds S earbuds in 2022. And now, Sony is running a deal that knocks the price down to just $130, making this the lowest price we’ve seen to date. The offer is live and ... |
WiMi Develops A Deep CNN-Based 3D Image Reconstruction Algorithm System

This module typically uses deconvolution and upsampling layers to map the feature vectors from the encoder output into 3D space. Model evaluation: This module evaluates the differences and errors ... | 6 days ago
iFi Audio’s Latest Audiophile DACs Cram in the Features

The iFi Audio Uno is a $79 USB DAC for newcomers wanting better sound from their laptops and smart devices. The $1,299 iFi ... | 10 days ago
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