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Couple who had 80+ dogs on property say most were headed for rescue operation

Michael Olar and Renee Booher, who were arrested Saturday after more than 80 animals were found on their property at 1024 ...
www.yahoo.com | 10 hours ago
Michael Olar tells his story

Michael Olar wants to clear his name. He had dogs he rescues from puppy mills in Richland County at his house. They were ...
news.yahoo.com | 9 hours ago
Couple say they rescued dogs from Amish, Mennonites

Michael Olar said 60-plus dogs seized from his house Saturday by the Humane Society of Richland County were dogs he rescued ...
news.yahoo.com | 22 hours ago
Owners of 82 dogs found in Richland County dispute humane society's claims of 'deplorable' conditions

Michael Olar and Renee Booher say after the Richland County Humane Society collected all of their animals, they've started ...
www.wkyc.com | 23 hours ago
Richland County dog owners dispute humane society's claims of 'deplorable' conditions

But the homeowners, Michael Olar and Renee Booher, said the nonprofit has started returning some of the animals back to them. The sheriff’s office confirmed it had assisted the humane society in ...
www.msn.com | 23 hours ago
Aqtóbede 4 adam kóz jumǵan jol apaty: Kólikte dıplom alýǵa bara jatqan oraldyq muǵalimder bolǵan

Aqtóbede jol apatyna ushyraǵan avtokóliktiń ishinde oraldyq muǵalimder bolǵan, dep habarlaıdy QazAqparat tilshisi.
www.inform.kz | 10 hours ago
Almatyda bir túnde tynyshtyq buzǵan 18 moped júrgizýshisi ákimshilik jaýapqa tartyldy

ALMATY. QazAqparat - Almatyda Arbattyń mańyndaǵy úılerdiń turǵyndarynan tynyshtyqty buzý deregi boıynsha shaǵymdar kóbeıgen, ...
www.inform.kz | 5 hours ago
D-O to hold commencement

Denmark-Olar High School will hold its graduation at 9 a.m. Saturday, June 3, 2023.
thetandd.com | 1 day ago
Sheriff: 2 arrested after 82 dogs found living in 'deplorable' conditions on Richland County property

One dog has since died. The rest are currently at the Humane Society in Mansfield, which was already at capacity with 23 dogs ...
www.msn.com |
Environmental sustainability innovation: Leading companies in solar-powered vehicles for the automotive industry

According to GlobalData’s Technology Foresights, which plots the S-curve for the automotive industry using innovation ...
www.just-auto.com | 3 days ago
AI-enabled forecasting model predicts nearly two years of ENSO events

Every few years, changes in how the ocean and atmosphere interact along the West Coast—stretching from southern California to ...
phys.org | 10 days ago
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