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Travel Wisconsin: Cheesemakers

June is National Dairy Month — a celebration of farmers and the dairy industry. Most Wisconsin milk is turned into cheese, ... | 7 hours ago
Dutch man kept 101-year-old father’s body in freezer to ‘talk to him’

A Dutch man in the town of Landgraaf kept his deceased father in a freezer for more than a year so he could “still talk to ... | 09/05/2023
Son lived with mum's corpse for SIX years in sick scheme to cash in her pension

Helga Maria Hengbarth was said to have died six years ago when she was 86, but her son told neighbours in Verona, Italy that ... | 3 days ago
What mosquitoes are most attracted to in human body odor is revealed

The smells produced by humans are an important part of what draws mosquitoes to us. In a study published Friday, scientists ... |
Dutch man kept father’s body in freezer so he could ‘talk to him’

A Dutch pensioner kept the body of his 101-year-old father in a freezer because he “didn’t want to lose him”, according to ... | 09/05/2023
One injured and two missing after boat accident on the Meuse river

One person was injured in an accident involving a small boat with four people on board on the Meuse River near the Limburg ... | 5 days ago
Sittard woman suspected of using insulin to kill her mother

A 53-year-old woman from Sittard is suspected of murdering her 78-year-old mother with an overdose of insulin, a spokesperson ... | 8 days ago
Scientists Reveal The Scent That Attracts Mosquitoes

This compound is best known for being present in mature, “stinky” cheeses such as Limburger and Époisses. These compounds are also found in the bacteria on human skin but we tend not to notice the ... | 8 days ago
Which Country Produces the Most Cheese in the World?

Belgium has grown exponentially in cheese production over the past 10 years. In 2008, the Western European country produced ... | 8 days ago
Spotlight will be on cheese at first ever "Art of the Cheese" festival this fall

Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin is planning a three-day celebration of all things cheesy to be held Sept. 29-Oct. 2023 in Madison. | 2 days ago
Verstappen: 'We always have to be perfect'

"I don't know, to be honest, where the next one can be ," the two-time world champion tells honestly. " it can be next week ... | 3 days ago
EDITORIAL: Knew it all along

Scientists at Johns Hopkins say mosquitoes have favorite smells, and will be attracted to some people more than others. Remember when Mama used to say you had more mosquito bites than your brother ... |
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