Confiscatory - latest news (June 2, 2023)

Cameron Smith: The fiscal nihilism of McCarthy and Biden’s debt ceiling deal

Yes, the other party is part of the problem, but so is the one we prefer. We’re building a financial crisis of our own making ... |
Almond Alliance pushes ahead on trade issues

Along the way, carriers were charging confiscatory fines for failing to meet unattainable requests. “We knew the Ocean Shipping Reform Act was absolutely needed,” she continued. “We worked very hard ... | 12 hours ago
How the other half live (forever)! All the weird ways the uber-rich try to cheat death

From medical concierges and (young) blood transfusions to Succession-approved cryogenics, Maddy Mussen explores how the 1 per cent are trying to defy death ... | 7 days ago
John Kerry, climate crazies are coming for your burgers and Fourth of July

It's no secret that Joe Biden and the climate zealots who set policy in the White House are hell-bent on changing the cars we ... |
President Biden’s Debt-Ceiling Deal Isn’t Serious

When it comes to Biden’s deficit-reduction plan, don’t be fooled by the spending-cuts section: It’s all tax increases. | 9 days ago
The Boy’s Graduation

For those who don’t know, UVA is large, and Charlottesville is small. It’s a company town. The hotels know when the big days ... |
Saving and rebuilding America’s local free press system

Seattle Times Publisher Frank Blethen offers solutions to the local journalism crisis that threatens democracy in the U.S. |
Right Now, Nobody In The Louisiana Senate Ought To Be Re-Elected

Yesterday, the Louisiana Senate voted to bust the state's spending caps and spend our surplus money on the equivalent of ... | 2 days ago
Twisted Sisters: Marxism and Fascism

One common feature of tyrannical governments is state ownership and confiscatory powers. This is a hallmark of both communist ... | 17/05/2023
Activists hail Supreme Court ruling on ‘home equity theft’

Activists say a unanimous U.S. Supreme Court ruling Thursday that local government can only retain tax debts owed, and no ... | 4 days ago
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