Commissioners - latest news (June 2, 2023)

Commissioners remain vigilant of Hotel Topeka’s upcoming auction

Shawnee Co. commissioners say they will keep an eye on the Hotel Topeka’s upcoming bid.The city’s governing body voted seven ... | 1 hour ago
Two Porter County commissioners, council member form new political action committee

North, and Vice President Barb Regnitz, R-Center, have formed a political action committee for the purpose of fundraising for ... | 5 hours ago
Shelby County Commissioners want more accountability from courts on new bail system

Some Shelby County Commissioners and Tennessee state representatives are demanding the Shelby County courts give them more ... |
Cumberland County commissioners approve 2023-24 fiscal budget

The fiscal budget is primarily funded by grants from state and federal sources. County subsidy and additional funding sources ... | 4 hours ago
Clackamas County commissioners vote to discuss defunding diversity, equity and inclusion budget

The Clackamas County Board of Commissioners will consider defunding its nearly $830,000 budget for diversity, equity and ... | 21 hours ago
Commissioners approve first phase of courthouse remodel

The Dawson County Commissioners approved a bid for the first phase of the courthouse remodel project during their meeting on ... | 11 hours ago
Pasco commissioners support tighter state rules on adult businesses

Ron DeSantis, Weightman and his fellow commissioners agreed to pen a letter supporting the bill. Weightman raised the issue of stricter adult business rules in February, several days after local law ... | 46 minutes ago
Commissioners approve purchase of archery targets

May 9—THOMASVILLE- The Thomas County Board of Commissioners held their regular meeting on Tuesday morning, where they approved the Purchasing Committee's recommendation for $33,371.08 to purchase ... | 38 minutes ago
Ash Atalla: Today’s commissioners would find The Office ‘a pretty boring pitch’

Sitcom's original producer says audiences now demand "more action" ... | 14 hours ago
ACLU warns Yakima County Commissioners about proposed homeless encampment policy

The American Civil Liberties Union has taken issue with Yakima County’s proposed policy that aims to uproot homeless ... | 2 hours ago
Berks commissioners sign proclamation advocating for mental health awareness

Two local students are shining a light on teen mental health. Wyomissing High School juniors Vanesa Aguay and Tyler Nolt ... | 2 hours ago
Onslow County Board of Commissioners considering censure of member

The Onslow County Board of Commissioners is proposing a censure of one of its members. Commissioner Walter Scott is the ... | 1 hour ago
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