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Music Industry Moves: Nicholas Britell Releases ‘Succession: Season 4’ Soundtrack in Partnership With Secretly Distribution

Composer Nicholas Britell, who has scored films for Barry Jenkins (“Moonlight,” “If Beale Street Could Talk”) and Adam McKay ... |
Absurdity meets gravitas: how Nicholas Britell scored Succession

As the TV masterpiece bows out, the composer reveals what influenced the writing of that indelible theme tune ... | 4 days ago
Nicholas Britell Unveils Succession Season 4 Soundtrack: Stream

Listen to the HBO series' iconic score one last time. Nicholas Britell Unveils Succession Season 4 Soundtrack: Stream ... | 2 days ago
‘Succession’ Composer Nicholas Britell on the Season 4 Soundtrack: ‘This Score Represents the Culmination of My Musical Vision’

Twists and turns, double-dealing and death are just some of the themes at the heart of HBO’s fourth and final season of ... | 4 days ago
Nicholas Britell discusses his soundtrack for 'Succession' season 4

Succession’s composer, Nicholas Britell, has just released a soundtrack album for season four, which contains 25 tracks. | 3 days ago
Nicholas Britell Teases the ‘Succession’ Series Finale: ‘It’s 90 Minutes. It’s a Huge Episode, Like a Movie’

HBO’s “Succession” series finale will be 90 minutes long, according to one of the key members of its creative team. In an ... | 03/05/2023
How composer Nicholas Britell created the sound of 'Succession'

Sunday's finale marks the end of Succession and its iconic opening theme. Composer Nicholas Britell reflects on shaping the ... | 7 days ago
Secretly Distribution Announces Partnership With Succession Composer Nicholas Britell; Celebrates 25th Anniversary

Secretly Distribution reached the midpoint of its milestone anniversary - marking 25 years as a global leader of the indie music industry and a hands-on solution for ... | 1 day ago
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