Nado - latest news (June 2, 2023)

Nado Track and Field Headed to State

Field Kindley High School track and field athletes are heading to state. 15 Nado and Lady Nado runners, jumpers and throwers ... | 9 days ago
Nado Send Two Record Breakers to State

Field Kindley holds a send-off for their track athletes competing in the State Meet this weekend. The Nado send two new school record holders to State after their ... | 6 days ago
Iranian woman Esmaeilnejhad wins gold at Erzurum Sprint Flag Cup 2023

Iranian woman sprinter Hamideh Esmaeilnejhad claimed a gold medal at the Erzurum Sprint Flag Cup 2023. She crossed the finish ... | 1 day ago
Brian Oliver: Outrage against North Korea is justified but are weightlifting leaders to blame?

In the past decade weightlifting has had its share of doping, corruption and transgender scandals and controversies. Now it ... | 5 days ago
Dominican Olympic movement races against time to avoid WADA sanctions

The looming threat of sanctions from the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has thrown Dominican Republic’s official sports ... | 3 days ago
Под зельду кайфарик, надо брать считаю

{"likeData":{"id":1847319,"type":1,"typeStr":"content","state":0,"withUsers":0,"contentId":1847319,"subsite":{"id":333766,"name":"RicuOne","avatar":"https ... | 6 days ago
Francisco Rodríguez, candidato do PSOE en Ourense: «Cheguei a preparar unha maleta para irme cos músicos dunha orquestra»

Xa fora alcalde da cidade entre os anos 2007 e 2012: «Son amigo de Cabezas e iso pódeme axudar chegado o momento» ... | 13 days ago
Lukashenko lists tasks in field of food security to be solved by EAEU

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko enumerated the tasks for food security in the EAEU in his speech at the II Eurasian ... | 9 days ago
Parte da obra de Darío Xohán Cabana xa está na Biblioteca Rural de Pino

Medio centenar de persoas asistiron ao acto para amosar o seu agradecemento á familia do escritor cospeités pola doazón de ... | 11 days ago
WADA hosts second workshop as part of European Intelligence and Investigations project

Department of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has brought together representatives of law enforcement agencies, police ... | 6 days ago
O tripulante dunha embarcación á deriva en Bueu foi liberado polo helicóptero de Gardacostas

O helicóptero Pesca 1 do Servizo de Gardacostas de Galicia recolleu a última hora da tarde do domingo a un dos tripulantes ... | 12 days ago
A Village + Art (and Music, Shopping, Wine & More) Brings Community All Together at Second Art & Wine Festival

We embrace and often search for those aha moments in time where we can see our hard work playing out, ensuring our youth ... | 9 days ago
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